Why I am here

Since I was younger I have always enjoyed 2 things, Makeup and writing, more than anything else. For the longest time, I assumed that there wasn’t much of a future in Makeup. Now, that I am getting older I am realizing that possibilities really are limitless. So here I am starting a blog about Makeup. There are a lot of people out there that have no knowledge of makeup or how to use it. That is where I want to come in. I have been giving makeup tips and lessons to friends and family since I got my first compact and eye liner. I also want to spend most of my time on product reviews. I have a feeling there are a lot of women out there, like me, who spend tons of money every year on cosmetics. Time and time again, I buy the newest product on the line, only to be disappointed. Then I thought, how nice would it be to have someone who will test these new products and give an unbiased review. Well, who better than me?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


As you may know I have only been using my airbrush makeup for a few months. Shortly after I purchased my own machine, I began selling them online.  I realize there are quite a few of questions out there about this amazing new product. Most of the people who purchased these from me were concerned about hiding their age or other difficult blemishes. Which, I think is something most woman out there are worried about. Probably the reason most of us are wearing makeup right now. 


First of all I truly love the look of airbrush makeup. It gives a flawless coverage you will not see when you are sponging or brushing on your foundation. You can also purchase specialty airbrush foundation that will not smudge and is water proof. This is the type of foundation used in most of the entertainment industry. Which I also believe is the future of all makeup.

Now, let’s talk about money… A professional airbrush makeup kit can cost anywhere from $250 -$2500. The makeup itself can be quite expensive as well. There are not that many companies that specialize in making airbrush kits for makeup, so they can charge what ever they want. The thing they don’t want you to know is that you can use ANY airbrush and oil-less compressor to do makeup with. They sell airbrushes online for as little as $10 and oil-less compressors of all kinds.

Same thing goes for the foundation.  You can use any type of water-based foundation (even Covergirl’s clean makeup, $5) and add water or mixing medium to it until you get your desired consistency. If you do this you will get the special coverage of the airbrush but you will not have smudge proof or water proof makeup on. I found a little secret that people in the Theater business have been using for years. Face paint! It works for all types of airbrush makeup… blush, foundation, and especially eyeshadow. Almost every time I use paint for shadow I get a lot of compliments on how it looks.  The reason is most water-based face paint is highly pigmented, which gives the color more depth and shine. A good one to try is Ben Nye’s liquid Magicolor. It comes in many different colors and they are about $6/oz. If you are specifically looking for airbrush makeup, you might want to try Kryolan Aqua proof, which runs about $27/oz.  Kryolan makes a number of airbrush products that work extremely well.


Now that you know that using an airbrush for your makeup can be affordable, you might be wondering about how it would work for you. Like I said before, most of the people I had sold kits to were looking to hide age lines or blemishes. The truth is, an airbrush will NOT help hide your age. In fact if you do not do it correctly you will manage to add a few years on your face. The key is to learn to contour and highlight the right areas of your face if you want to look a little younger. Another little secret is to always use a sponge or your finger around your eyes after you do a layer of airbrush, then follow up with another layer over it. This will help the makeup to settle into the line/wrinkle first and then to cover again will give a smoother appearance.  If you are one of many who have dark spots, freckles, discoloration, or blemishes than an airbrush will fix all of that and more.

The biggest benefit to having an airbrush has to be the time it saves you getting ready. With foundation, blush, highlighting and contouring I could easily take half an hour to hour to get ready without it. When I am using it I could do most of my makeup in ten to fifteen min easily. All in all Airbrush makeup is more beneficial than regular make up and I have no doubt in the next 10 years most women will be doing their makeup with a machine in home.





  1. So, out of curiosity... when looking at the 'other' airbrushes (that are not specifically intended for cosmetics, what features do you look for? What psi/drop size/and how do you tell if it is an oil-less compressor? Thank you for the article and your time!

  2. To my knowledge you can use ANY airbrush that has adjustable or removable needles. The needle is what will make the difference in your makeup application. Most likely you will want something with a .35-.5mm needle.
    If the compressor is oil-less it should say so. You want to make very sure you use oil-less or you will be spraying your face with more than makeup.
    I hope that helps you out.

  3. Would love to know more about how to buy the airbrush, and how to mix the makeup. I am 43 and have never really had tyime to worry about makeup. Well I all of a sudden want to learn how to wear makeup. Would reallyn like to know more. Please help if you can.