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Since I was younger I have always enjoyed 2 things, Makeup and writing, more than anything else. For the longest time, I assumed that there wasn’t much of a future in Makeup. Now, that I am getting older I am realizing that possibilities really are limitless. So here I am starting a blog about Makeup. There are a lot of people out there that have no knowledge of makeup or how to use it. That is where I want to come in. I have been giving makeup tips and lessons to friends and family since I got my first compact and eye liner. I also want to spend most of my time on product reviews. I have a feeling there are a lot of women out there, like me, who spend tons of money every year on cosmetics. Time and time again, I buy the newest product on the line, only to be disappointed. Then I thought, how nice would it be to have someone who will test these new products and give an unbiased review. Well, who better than me?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eyelashes and Mascara

 I think every woman would love to have fuller thicker lashes. There are a few ways to accomplish this. You can spend lots of extra money on eyelash extentions or lash activating mascaras.  You can use fake eye lashes and of course you can use different tricks to boost the lashes you already have.

Eyelash extensions can make a huge difference on the way your eyes look. Thing is most average people can not afford the $300 it costs to get them. The process of getting the extensions is basically the same as buying and gluing on your own lashes.  The difference of course is in the glue that is used. Eye lash extensions are meant to last anywhere from 4-8 weeks. Store bought lashes will last you 24 hours, if you are lucky. If you can stand wearing these lashes, you should know there are new kits for do it yourself extentions that run about $75 and houldn't be too difficult to apply.

For those of you, who are like me, and don't want to deal with the trouble of fakes, there are some tips that might help you out.

1. Primer - Always apply lash primer to both sides of lashes and of course that goes for top and bottom. I use Estee Lauder, Lash Primer Plus ($18.50 Macy's)

2. Apply lengthing Mascara - Again you will want to apply to top and bottom and both sides of each lash. Any type will do, everyone has their own favorites. I like Bobbi Brown Lengthening Mascara (about $15 online)

3. Apply Volume Mascara - Wait until the other mascara is mostly dry and then apply. Remember this application is to thicken your lashes not to clump. If you are getting clumps than practice on wiggling the mascara on better or your mascara may even be drying out. For this you can try Lancome Hypnose Custome Volume Mascara ($24.50 Dillards)

After this I use my finger to push the lashes up, holding for about 3-4 seconds. My eyelashes have a bit of a curl to them so I do not use lash curlers. If you need to use them, you will want to do so before applying the mascara or it will destroy your lashes.

If you follow those steps it will help you to achieve the look of fake lashes without having to deal with them.

For those of you who do not like a mascara overdose but want to give your lashes a real boost you can try Cargo's Lash activator Mascara.($20 online) It has primer in it already to give you an all in one effect. This is an amazing product because it has been proven to boost the appearance of your lashes in 30 days and you know how I love Cargo's products

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